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Dance is international by its very nature; so is the dance market. You can’t just think in terms of your own country. Publicise your activity to professionals, students and audiences all over the dance world.

Since 1980 BALLET2000 has been Europe’s most-widely circulated dance and ballet magazine – as well as its most prestigious, thanks to its team of internationally known dance critics, quality photos and advanced graphics.
Bimonthly + 1 (7 issues a year: six bimonthly issues plus a Special Festivals issue in June), sold on newsstands in France, Italy and other European countries and by subscription all over the world.
The digital edition is increasingly popular. For iPad, iPhone, Android, pc, etc., it is now available on Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon and other digital newsstands.

Advertising rates
The same ad appears in the three print editions and in the three e-magazines, at a single rate. Discounts will be arranged if the ad. is taken out repeatedly during the year. There are special rates for theatres and professional companies.

Technical specs
The client provides the file in its actual-size format (consisting in a single image, together with text/photo, JPG or PDF, 300 dpi resolution, see below) via email to to be received no later than the 20th day of the month preceding the monthly issue of publication.

Full-page : 210 x 280 mm (frame 185 x 250)
1/2 page (vertical) : 90 x 248 mm
1/2 page (horizontal) : 184 x 122 mm
1/4 page : 90 x 122 mm
1/8 page : 90 x 59 mm

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