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n. 272 March/April 2018

On the cover: Dada Masilo: “Carmen”
(ph. Pascal Victor )

African dance, the influence of/crossover with western dance: this is the cover-story of the latest issue of BALLET2000. On the News pages, information on creations and end-of-season events in Europe and the world; on the Multimedia pages, reports on the latest DVDs, books and curiosities to be found on the internet, and, in the Reviews section, critiques of the latest shows by the following companies:

• The Royal Ballet, London
• Paris Opéra Ballet
• Staatsballett, Berlin
• Ballet of La Scala, Milan
• Rome Opera Ballet
• English National Ballet
• Introdans, Holland
• Ballet du Capitole, Toulouse
• Ballet Nice Méditerranée (Nice Opera)
• Compagnie Montalvo
• Stuttgart Ballet
• Groupe Émile Dubois/Gallotta
• Cullberg Ballet
• Béjart Ballet Lausanne